The KlinZha Warriors Open

April 25th & 26th 2020

Free to enter

The tournament is open to all KlinZha players regardless of what club they may belong too. It is open to the individual who loves KlinZha or who wants to learn.  To enter, join the Discord server ( link attached above) type your name and level of play in the Tourney sign up channel. 
You can use the Kethas bot to practice on your own or with an opponent. Start now and strengthen you skills. The Kethas Bot will be used during the tournament. The type of tournament will depend on how many players sign up 

New to Klin Zha ? There are several how to videos available  on KAG youtube. Teachers to answer questions and play with you . Any question contact  Lieutenant norghloS tai-lungqIj

1st place: Handmade wooden Klin Zha board and custom 3d printed playing pieces.( by Lieutenant Commander roteq Vestai-lungqIj) KlinZha Key Chain

2nd place: 10$ gift card. Klin Zha Key Chain

3rd place: Klin Zha Key Chain

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