The Strategy Mark is an award given to the one Warrior most ultimately responsible for initiative, planning, execution and handling the aftermath of an event. This award program is optional, and provides the Warrior a way to boast of his victories by wearing the Strategy Marks on his uniform. (Not all events lead to a Strategy Mark. A Strategy Mark is not awarded if an event effectively requires no organization.)

To QUALIFY, a Warrior does these things:

  1. Initiate and organize an event. Communicate with both members and event hosts.
    • Make plans with the event hosts. (Examples: arrange for a club table or panel at a con, make reservation at restaurant for a Good Day to Dine, etc).
    • See that info about the event is gotten out to members and keep track of how many members are expected to attend.
  2. The Warrior must be personally present at the event, in uniform when appropriate. (same as requirements for a Battle Notch for that event).
  3. At the event, the Warrior is the go-to person for any arrangements that need to be made, takes note of members attending, helps handle any problems that arise.
  4. Wrap up any details after event is over (examples: tally results of charity event, thank hosts, etc).
  5. Write the After Event Report, or give the needed info to someone else who will write it and follow up to make sure it is sent.


Strategy Marks are awarded by the Fleet Commander or by whoever the FC designates to award them. The authority to award Strategy Marks may be given to the individual Ship Commanders for awarding them to their own ships.

Warrior contacts the Awarding Officer with the necessary details of the event. It is up to the awarding officer to decide who, if anyone, gets the strategy mark. It is also the duty of the Awarding Officer to keep track of Strategy Marks awarded (this can be done with a simple list: date, event name, organizer’s name).

Physical description of Strategy Mark may vary from Fleet to Fleet.


  • 1-9 marks: Tactician
  • 10-99 marks: Strategist
  • 100+ marks: Thought Strategist

If more precision is desired the levels can be subdivided.

1-9 – Tactician

  • 1-3 Tactician
  • 4-6 Operation Tactician
  • 7-9 Campaign Tactician

10-99 – Strategist

  • 10-39 Strategist
  • 40-69 Operation Strategist
  • 70-99 Campaign Strategist

100-999 – Thought Strategist

  • 100-399 Thought Strategist
  • 400-699 Operation Thought Strategist
  • 700-999 Campaign Thought Strategist
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