Sauk County Humane Society Volunteer Thank You Luncheon 2017

The crew of Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom attended the Sauk County Humane Society’s Volunteer “Thank You” Luncheon, held at the “Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.” in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, on Saturday, March 25, 2017, running from approximately 12 noon to 2 p.m.. At this annual event, the accomplishments of the SCHS Shelter, and its volunteer staff are recognized, and recorded, and praised. A buffet luncheon catered by Moosejaw was offered and enjoyed, and it was, indeed, a Good Day To Dine, before the actual program of activities began. Once the Interim Director of SCHS had related the previous year’s accomplishments, which included volunteers in total logging some 15, 500 Volunteer Hours, aiding the Animal Shelter in finishing the year at somewhere near 35 dollars in the red (rather than several hundred dollars in the red, and the pronouncement that SCHS actually accomplishes more, does more, provides more services, and logs a greater number of Volunteer Hours, than any other shelter facility in our area, CO of the Ha’DIbaH, Imperial Marine Captain marSal tai Kurkura step to the podium, in full Imperial Regalia, to explain the coinciding celebration of Empire Day, and Days of Honor, and set about making a presentation, on behalf of the Ha’DIbaH and KAG, to the Volunteers of SCHS. Bestowing the Great Honor of “Esteemed Adversary” to the entire Volunteer Staff, whether present or absent this day, for “Their tireless deication to the support and care of the Homeless Non-Humans of the Sauk County (Wisconsin) and Surrounding Area.” A team of Volunteers was called forward to act as representatives of the entire body of Volunteers, to receive the Certificate Awarded to the group. The “Esteemed Adversary” certificate will be placed on display in the main lobby of the SCHS Animal Shelter for all visitors to view, that they might see that there are those who appreciate and care about, those who care for and appreciate the non-human creatures of the area. A brief moment was allowed for a photo op, and the remainder of the program resumed, with the SCHS Interim Director, Dana Madalon, once again taking the podium to present “Volunteer of the Year” individual awards, and plaques, to deserving individuals. Ha’DIbaH Executive Officer, Sergeant-Major Skele (Eilene Sullivan), and CO marSal (Bob Poole) shared the Second Place Volunteer Year honors, with a total of 542 Volunteer Hours, and 698 Volunteer Hours, respectively, logged over the year of 2016. Handsome plaques identifying these awards were presented to the two, as well as official certificates issued by SCHS delineating the hours logged. After all awards for Volunteer of the Year were awarded, there was a brief period of photo opportunities by the official SCHS Animal Shelter Events Photographer. Taking this opportunity, on this date, to mingle socially, volunteers strolled around the dining room, engaging fellow volunteers in casual conversation, remarking about the shelter’s accomplishments, the accomplishments of fellow volunteers, and random topics of discussion relative to each personally. There was also an opportunity to meet the newly hired Event and Volunteer Coordinator, who will actually begin duties officially in early April. Our Klingon contingent made a most favorable impression for the day with all our hu-man fellow volunteers. Several remarked at how impressed they were with the presentation of the Esteemed Adversary Award, to the entire body of Volunteers. We are continually pleased and amused with our welcome at such functions, and among such groups. We look forward, most enthusiastically, to working with this group of people, and with this facility throughout the future.

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