Klingons Have Vision 2020 !

Lion’s Club International is an organization found in most countries worldwide.  They run a number of programs that benefit the communities they serve. One of them is their vision program. They provide eye care exams and glasses for those in need. In order to run their program at the lowest cost for their participants, they accept all kinds of donation. The kind of donation you may be familiar with the most is the used eyeglasses. You may have seen these donation boxes outside an eye doctor or eye care place. They are convenient for you to drop them in and keep going. If you think about it. Most of us don’t, and throw them in a draw at home.

Within February and March of 2019 we collected glasses to donate to Lion’s Club International. Thought Admiral Kris epetai-Kurkura started this with the idea for the entire club to come together and do something constructive to start off KAG’s 30th anniversary year- long celebration! What better way to try and get and international club doing the same thing at the same time, than to help out another international club ? Having fun doing it was the goal. We did it!

It is back again!

Though, this is not a competition, we still take pride in what our Fleets, Quadrants, ships and even “Houses” can accomplish.

I am proud of what the Klingon Assault Group accomplished with such short notice last year.

We were able to donate 1,189 + pairs of glasses.

I look forward to this “Klingons Have Vision 2020” when we have much more
notice and a bar not only to reach but to surpass.

~ Games Chancellor chISwI’ House lungqIj

How you can participate :

  • Collect glasses. Ask your friends, family and neighbors! Ask your church or local optometrist or store! Yes, you can even ask for donations at a con if one is happening. A local comic book store is also a good idea. Perhaps you can set up a time to get your uniform on and sit for pictures and collect glasses.  We had a warrior that set a donation box in a local school! Once you collect them turn them in with a photo for proof or turn them in/mail them to your fleet collector.
  • Spread the word. Spread the word to your ship and/or a fellow warrior. Share on social media what we are doing. If we all support one another, we may get more accomplished and have more fun
  • Boast. Show what you have accomplished. Don’t be quiet about it. We live to boast around a keg of Blood-wine. 
  • Go a step further. Get in touch with your local Lions Club chapter. Tell them what we are doing and that you would like to set up a meeting to present the donations in uniform for a photo op. Get that picture and use it to boast . 

So in the end what do you have?

  • Glory!
  • Honor!
  • Individual Bragging rights !
  • Pride in your Fleet
  • A sense of community
  • A reason to use that uniform 
  • A glorious medal to place on that uniform. (Supplies are limited so you must have a donation of 5 pairs or more to receive this.) 

Klingons Have Vision will run for the month of January and February this year. It is to give us a little more time to collect and the first 2 weeks of March will be for turning them in to the Lions Club. If you have a chance earlier for a presentation by all means take it.

*Currently looking for warriors to act as their Fleet collectors*

If you have any questions concerning "Klingons Have Vision" contact. Commander chISwI' sutai lungqIj

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