Klingon Fire and food

The IKV Hegh qIj gathered outside yesterday for some non-zoom, in person socialization at my home. Discussions about the future for the chapter, stories, little politics and general fun happened. Burned a lot of wood, ate some burgers, hot dogs, chips, and apple pie. Pictured are myself (LT Commander Kuruk), warrior Maria Dutilly, LT. K’voq (James Zimmerman) . Not pictured LT Lopad (Glenn Smith), 2nd LT U’dora (Joyce Pagley) and LT Tin Suvwl (Steve Shotts). All were showing their new KAG patches.

fb_img_1602432623785-0 fb_img_1602432635941-2.jpg fb_img_1602432630126-1.jpg fb_img_1602432623785-0.jpg

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