KAG Kon 2020 …not the end

So it began...

The First ever KAG convention online. KAG Kon 2020 was housed on Discord and streamed on Twitch.
The Discord app is an easy way to communicate via voice, video, or text on multiple platforms and devices.
Bringing our International Club together!

KAG Kon 2020: The Home Invasion.

This weekend would not have seen the success that it did with out these people. I can not thank them enough. They helped me with an idea I got, thank you Marc Malnekoff, and helped me to make it become so much more than the original idea. Go big or Go home! Some of these incredible people did double and sometimes triple duty. It is so awesome to see all of us come together for a common goal. Ron Krueger was right. KAG Founder John Halvorson, though not an online person, would have been over joyed at what took place this past weekend. We were able to have a place where anyone anywhere in the world could come at anytime and attend a convention together.

 John Shoberg  helped schedule panelist, Jim Arrowood helped the music together and made KAG radio, while qurgh made the video, asked the Klingon pop warrior, and did not tell me no. Laz V. help get some panelist so did Mike McVeigh and Matthew Whiteacre . It all just fell together. Buster and Jacob streamed. Along with several others volunteering to do security. 

Thought-Admiral qurgh
Laz Valdez
Matthew Whiteacre
Buster the Destroyer https://www.twitch.tv/busterthedestroyer
Jacob Keyes. https://www.twitch.tv/sputknik

David Atkinson
Jeremy Cowen
Josiah Rowland
Keith DeCandido
Jim Arrowood
John Shoberg
Troy Pacelli
Leila McMichael
Mike McVeigh
Dayton Ward
Marc Malnekoff
Ron Hawk
Brian Halloway
Tracy Hill
The Klingon Pop Warrior
Alec Peters
Robert Poole
Erik Matthews
Sam Shaver
Theresa Keyes
Brian Jordan Dean 
Nefarious Ferrets !

…and Thank You, to those who came in and hung out with us. Shout out to those individuals and those from groups that were not afraid to hang out with the Klingon Assault Group !
StarFleet International and Delta Fleet. 

It was truly KAGtastic!

These photos were taken in the Photo op channel

*Individual panels and music will be uploaded to KAG YouTube Channel shorty.  
*Please be sure to follow our Twitch Streamers links up above .

If you missed it this year. We will be back!

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