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House Name: lungqIj
House Type:
House Founded: 06/06/1999
House epetai/Leader: qurgh
House Description:

The House of lungqIj is an old House. It has a large family mansion and lands on Qo’noS, outside the city of ruq’e’vet in the ghevchoq region of the planet. It has been there for most of the House’s existence, although during the House’s early years it’s members were forced to relocate several times. The currently buildings have been constructed over the generations, with a large stable of Sarq, Klingon horse like creatures, being the most recent addition. There was once a vineyard that covered a significant portion of the property, but droughts over several years destroyed the plants and they were never replaced.

The house’s representatives on Terra are currently lead by qurgh ‘aj.

House lungqIj encourages it’s members to participate in Klingon roleplaying and reenactments, and has many resources for those that wish to learn more about Klingon language and culture.

Nachricht an den Kfz-Händler

Eintrag Titel:lungqIj


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