House Name: Samot’
House Type:
House Founded: 09/29/2383
House Lord/Lady/Epetai/Leader: to’maS
House Description:

Samot’, qDas puqloD grew in reputation and prestige during the The Dominion war as HoD of the IKV meV’jop. Under his command the meV’jop destroyed many enemy ships and assisted in conquering many worlds. Because of this Samot’ claimed lands and grew in power.

On 238909.29 Surina, Na’Var puqbe’ and the mate of Samot’ was killed during a space battle with the Cardassians.

Surina died giving birth to to’maS, Samot’ during the battle after being injured as the Engineering Officer. When Samot’ heard of his mate’s death he made a blood oath never to forgive the Cardassians.

When the war ended Samot’ left the KDF to pursue vengeance on any Cardassian he could find. Winning many more battles and gaining even more prestige Samot’ finally met his death during a transporter misalignment. His death was without honor.

His son, to’maS swore before the High Council to lead House Samot’ to glory and make a foothold in the Gamma Quadrant to serve as frontline defense against The Dominion if the High Council allowed his House to keeps its Honor intact.

Agreed, the new Leader of House Samot’ set course for the Gamma Quadrant. Fighting many battles with foes of all types he was able to secure a system formerly called New Bajor under the banner of House Samot’.

Selling all of his House’s ships and pooling its resources he established a Starbase for the Empire to refuel and resupply. This was a major victory and secured House Samot’ a place in history.

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Eintrag Titel:Samot’


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