Charlotte Comicon 2019

Hail Warriors,

The CO and Crew of the IKV Executioner represented KAG at the Charlotte Comicon Winter show in Charlotte NC. on Sunday Dec. 15, 2019.

CO, IXL Brigadier Keela, IXL Lt. S’Risha tai, the Raging Marshmallow with her personal shuttle, and myself, Chief Medical Officer, Lt. “General” Martok tai-Martok, beamed down to participate in our last charity event before the holidays.

It was a well fought battle and we were able to raise $608.75 in donations for the Kwanzaa Family Inn Women’s Shelter. Out of the donations $169.75 was put aside in a special Christmas fund so the 18 women and 6 children that reside at the shelter will be able to have a Christmas. We had many photo ops and CO Keela made some Klingon Christmas cookies which she generously handed out for photo ops. Overall it was a very successful battle…


charlotte-cc11-9.jpg charlotte-cc7-8.png charlotte-cc4-7.png charlotte-cc14-6.jpg charlotte-cc3-5.png charlotte-cc2-4.png charlotte-cc1-3.png charlotte-cc13-2.jpg charlotte-cc9-1.png charlotte-cc10-0.png

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