Beginning Costuming – ‘Scanner 55 – 1999

Back in 1999, long before thoughts of becoming Thought-Admiral had crossed his mind, Qob! of House Hurric was leading the Cold Death Quadrant and had these thoughts to share on getting starting with costuming in KAG:

One of the more daunting aspects of becoming Klingon is looking the part. When people start they think that they need to look like Westmore did their makeup and Blackman did their costume. While this would really be cool and I think as you get into costuming you naturally try to look better and better, the attitude that if I don't look perfect I can't be Klingon is sadly mistaken. I'm reminded of watching high schools who try to start a drama department and concentrate on making the kids look right for the part rather than teaching them how to act. That's the key, to dress from the inside out.

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