AER PAWS Walk: – 2019

Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom joined the Sauk County Humane Society at their 20th annual spring fund-raiser, “PAWS Pledge Walk & Fun Festival” today. Along with helping out with different volunteer tasks for the day, we mounted an information/recruiting table in their vendor building. We passed the “Word of Kahless” among the visitors, and fellow volunteers, alike. There were a number of photo opportunities, throughout the day, which ran from about 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., although the photo opportunities actually started earlier, as our CO stood duty directing visitors and vendors to the appropriate parking areas, around 7:30 a.m., for the vendors and volunteers arriving, and shortly after the pledge walkers started arriving.

While our CO, mar Sal vestai Kurkura, stood duty at the info/recruiting table, and walking around among the vendors and visitors, XO skele tai Kurkura was drafted to sell the raffle tickets, again, leading up to the drawing at about 12:45 p.m. All during the weekends leading up to the PAWS event, our team had been out selling the raffle tickets, and recording the largest sales of any of the other volunteers, with average for a day running between two and three hundred dollars for the day. One two day vemtire garnered nearly $700 for the weekend. Today, skele, by herself, at the raffle ticket sales table, managed to sell $665 worth of raffle tickets, before the drawing, at $5 per single ticket, and $20 for a book of five tickets.
SCHS has managed to surpass every goal set for this fund-raiser in previous years, with the goal set at about $30,000. This year, the goal was set considerably higher, at $40,000. It’s significant to note that that goal was surpassed on Thursday, before the event itself even began, and there were still pledges to come in on Friday and Saturday, as well as all the money raised on Saturday with the raffle ticket sales, and other activities. The admins of SCHS, and all the volunteers involved in this fundraiser are pleased with how things have gone this year, and we are all absolutely certain that we’ve more than surpassed our fund-raising goal for this spring event. Some of us are predicting between 42 and 45 thousand dollars as an end total.

On Thursay evening, before the PAWS event, our CO had an opportunity to have a conversation with the director of SCHS (also an unpaid volunteer) about the fund-raising goals, and the progress. Jokingly, mar Sal remarked “Aren’t you glad you’ve got the Klingons helping out?” The director’s response was an emphatic affirmative. As of this writing, it’s too early to know the final results of the fund-raiser, as yet, but after observing the lead up, and this weekend’s event, we have great pride int he contribution that we, as Klingons, have made to this effort, and we can definitely declare, “It was GLORIOUS.”

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  1. This, just in: Although the part Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom played in the annual spring fundraiser for Sauk County Humane Society (Called “PAWS Pledge Walk & Fun Festival), may have been small, we are proud of the contribution we made to this effort. As always, the goal set for this fund-raiser was more than surpassed, though it was set at $10,000 higher than previous years. The final numbers are in. With $17,549.25 in pledges, the final total raised by this event for the homeless animals of Sauk County and the surrounding area is $46,755.66.

  2. UPDATE: On Thursday, May 30, 2019, approximately 26 days after the completion of the Sauk County Humane Society spring fund-raiser, PAWS Pledge Walk & Fun Festival, the Director of SCHS was going through the facilities mail. She opened an envelope that contained a check for donations to the PAWS event through a Facebook page. Apparently, Facebook only mails out checks for such donations once a month. After adding in the total of this check to the previously reported total collected by the event, the SCHS Director rose from her chair in her office, and scampered around the home facility of SCHS that houses the offices and animal shelter, looking for all those volunteers that had helped out on the PAWS project. She was positively floating, bordering on completely giddy. The total taken in for the PAWS event, at approximately 11:30 a.m. Thursday, May 30, 2019 had reached $49,958.67. The Director commented that we had set our goal at $40,000 for this year ($10,000 higher than previous years) and had hoped to hit that goal, although we were striving for $35,000. We were all so pleasantly surprised when we reached a figure ABOVE the $40,000 goal a few days prior to the actual event, with money still coming in the rest of that week, and subsequently the day of the event, and for a few days following the event. As CO of this local KAG unit/chapter, I remarked about how good it felt to even be a very small part of making this slightly under $50,000 total happen. At this point, our SCHS Director informed me that we, the local KAG Klingons, were responsible for probably about ten percent (10%) of that total figure. Doing some quick math in my head, which was not all that easy at the time, as I was nearly giddy myself at this news, I computed that Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom, on behalf of KAG and the Klingon Empire, had raised nearly $5,000 of the nearly $50,000 total raised by Sauk County Humane Society and the surrounding community.

  3. And, an UPDATE to that “UPDATE.” Since posting that communication, someone managed to donate $41.34 to the “PAWS Pledge Walk and Fun Festival” fundraiser, bringing the final “final” total to $50,000.01 raised for the homeless animals of Sauk County Wisconsin and the surrounding area. Even a bit MORE Gloriousssss. Q’apla!

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