AER: Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom – SCHS Thank You Luncheon

On Earthdate March 26, 2016, the crew of Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom joined with staff and volunteers of Sauk County Humane Society for the SCHS annual “Volunteer Thank You Luncheon,” at Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Company, where our crew-members were recognized for their efforts and participation over the past year, in helping the Sauk County Humane Society care for homeless animals, and helping to get these animals into new and loving homes. Sergeant-Major “Skele” (Eliene Sullivan), XO of the Ha’DIbaH received a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of 538 total hours of service in 2015. Sogh hom mar Sal tai Hurric (Bob Poole), CO of the Ha’DIbaH was recognized for 667 total hours of service to SCHS for the 2015 period.

CO mar Sal presented former SCHS Volunteer Coordinator, Katie Fernstaedt (pitiful HU-man) with a Special Commendation from the Ha’DIbaH for her exemplary work and cooperation in helping us to help SCHS. The Special Commendation was awarded in absentia, as Ms. Fernstaedt had recently relocated to the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area (for a much better job), and was unable to attend the luncheon. However, the Special Commendation documentation was forwarded to Ms. Fernstaedt at her new location, with our extreme gratitude for all she had done for SCHS, and for her help in our mission.

The crew of the Ha’DIbaH spent some time mingling with the other HU-man volunteers and SCHS staff present that day, and enjoyed the conversational exchanges. During our mingling, we were made aware that SCHS volunteer, Jay Townley was interested in learning more about our chapter, and KAG in general. Fortunately, our CO had the foresight to drag along his briefcase to the luncheon, and we were able to present Mr. Townley with some info on joining up, as well as directing him to the KAG website for more info, and to enlist.

All in all, it was a very positive experience, and a Very Good Day To Dine.

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