AER Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom at Marscon

Greetomgs. Great Warriors of the Empire:

Imperial Marine Major, mar Sal vestai Kurkura, Commanding Officer of Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom, reporting. Departing our Headquarters in Baraboo, Wisconin, aboard the Cadre Relocation Vehicle, on Friday morning, March 1st, at approximately 1115 hours, the crew and command cadre proceeded toward our mission destination of Bloomington, Minnesota, under over-cast skies. Our mission was to proceed to, and participate in operations of the Klingon Assault Group at Marscon 2019, beginning this year’s commemoration of thiry years of KAG existence and revelry.

As we approached the boundary between Wisconsin and Minnesota, we entered into a weather front that brough winds and snow, retarding our forward progress on our journey, delaying our arrival approximately twenty to thirty minutes. XO Skele, piloting our craft, heroically maintained admirable control of our vehicle, in spite of weather and road conditions of great concern, and questionable traffic behavior surrounding us.
We arrived at our destination, Marscon actual, at approximately 1500 to 1520 hours, and checked in with Con Registration. A “quick” tour of the vendors area allowed us the opportunity to encounter old friends from the upper midwest (mostly Minnesota) and the lower midwest (St. Louis, Iowa, Illinois) portion of the United States, as well as a cursory inventory of some of the available goodies that might be worth taking home with us, later. This was followed up with a very brief reconnaisance of the Convention area, then we proceeded to our temporary quarters at a nearby Day’s Inn (fifteen minutes away in good weather, twenty to thirty away, during the snow “emergency”).

The crew off-loaded our cargo, and secured the delivery of some sustenance, which was delayed in delivery by the weather and road conditions, while our Commanding Officer prepared for the mission of the evening by donaing armor. XO Skele elected to remain at temporary headquarters for the evening, to further secure the facility, and recuperate from the days travel. Unfortunately, this also meant that our official Holo-Imager would not be accompanying our Commanding Officer to the festivities of the eventing. However, our XO would be available and ready to participate the following day.

As Commanding Officer of the unit, it was my duty to honorably represent us at the Klingon activities of Friday evening, which I made every attempt to do. Unable to arrive in time for the opening ceremonies of the Con, I did manage to present myself for the KAG General Assembly. I met up with, and joined together with crew members of the IKV Fury, of St. Louis, Missouri, encountered the former Commanding Officer of the former Shadow-Raptor of St. Louis, and greeted our Fleet (Cold Terror Fleet) Commander, MaroQ, CO of the batlth qa’ (of the Chicago, Illinois area). We were able to have many enlightening and enjoyable conversations together over the rest of the weekend, concerning equipment, activities, and personal life experiences.

I, along with IKV Fury crewmembers, reconnoitered the events ongoing, and some of the fun activities of the later evening, before retiring to temporary headquarters sometime after midnight. After a few hours rest, some coffee and some breakfast at the Day’s Inn, I suited up, again, to return to the Con, along with XO Skele. Unfortunately, this time we just forgot our Holo-Imager at the motel. I’m not real good at taking such images with my “SmartPhone,” due to a hand-tremor issue (they tend to be very blurry). So, we have to glean whatever images we can, as are posted by others. We spent another day around the Con with our old friends/family from the St. Louis area, and newly acquired friens/”family” such as our Fleet Commander, crew members of the IKV Rakehell,, and other Klingon brethren and sistren.

Had an interesting moment with J. G. Herzler when the subject somehow changed to talking about my time doing community theatre int eh St . Louis area, some years ago. We discovered that we both played the same character in the same play, with different theatrical troups, around the same time frame. I probably could’ve sat down and talked with this man all day, but then no one else would’ve had a chance to speak with him, which would not have been fair.

I was asked by Jorn to participate in a pod-cast interview for the podcast, to tell some of the story (stories) about my entry, evolution, and develpment in KAG fandom. After we began the interview, we were joined by XO Skele with much worth input, as we related our unit’s involvement in the community with the local not for profit Humane Society’s Animal Shelter, relating some of the activities we participate in to help out that worthy organization, in the name of the Klingon Empire, and Klingon Assault Group.
We finished our Saturday evening with a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant, in the company of Komonda, MaroQ, Odwin, and others. Following the dinner, it wasn’t long before we felt it necessary to return to our temporary headquarters and get some more rest. We elected to eschew returning to the Con the following day, as there was not much that would interest us going on by the time we would’ve arrived back there, and we didn’t want to chance another trip through the vendors’ area (always a great experience, but a little costly).

Instead, we packed our gear, and loaded our vehicle, on Sunday morning, had our complimentary breakfast at the Day’s Inn, and headed for home territory. The journey home was uneventful, but filled with much conversation about the weekend’s activities and interactions.

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