02/15/20 SyFy Bartow

02/15/20 SyFy Bartow

In attendance
C/O Kib’Tore
X/O Kepjas
Warrior B’rel

Another early start and successful mission for the taj HeH was carried out Saturday in beautiful Bartow Fl. Our mission was 4 part and we successfully completed all objectives.

Objective 1: was the movement to Bartow carried out with the help of my brother’s shuttle craft we were able to safely make the journey. The taj HeH thanks him for his generosity.

Objective 2: Securement of Warrior Kepjas’ uniform. We achieved this and he has been promoted to 2nd LT. I have also appointed 2nd LT. Kepjas to the position of XO may his service bring honor and glory to our ship and his house.

Objective 3: To once again prove that we have the warriors heart we participated in the rights of ascension. A Facebook live video was made by warrior B’rel.(as soon as I figure out how to move the video from the ships page we will be sharing it publicly)

Objective 4: movement from Bartow back to our home station. We arrived safe and sound with no issues.

Captain’s log:
The day started at 0300 hours as I prepared for the long journey ahead. At least 7 or 8 raktajinos were consumed in between preparing for the long mission. After making several stops for supplies we finally arrived on location around 1130 hours. In the hurry to find our Klingon Brethren we forgot to take our ship picture something we must not forget in the future. It was abundantly clear as we waded through the hordes of strange aliens and Terrans that finding our cohorts would be extremely difficult. We had been tucked away near the end of the event presumably because our reputation for partying made the Terrans feel safer ha!
During my exploration of the area I ran across the honorable Darth Vader and his troops. You have to admire them for their willingness to die in battle even if it seems they spend less time practicing with their blasters than a farm kid who enjoys wasting perfectly good womp rats.
I also met “Eddie Munster and got an autograph a personal goal of mine. I enjoyed reconnecting with everyone and although I was all over the place I believe we had a great turn out. Our rights of ascension seemed to be a hit and we allowed some federations and Terrans from the crowd to participate. B’rel’s family arrived on location and we spent the day reconnecting with them as well, as she hadn’t seen them in over 5 years. Overall it was a very great day.

Personal log B’rel
I b’rel went to Syfy bartow and saw many different vendors. I always was able to see my aunt and uncle who I really enjoyed seeing Because I have not seen them in a long time (5years). I really enjoyed walking around looking at the different cars that they had on display.

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  1. XO personal log went to Sci Fi Bartow via shuttle craft with CO, wife and children I enjoyed myself met a strange alien named the Doctor. Look forward to more Kag events. Also I earned my first promotion to 2nd Lt I will bring honor to my ship, crew and House.

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