Dark Moon Fleet 2021

Dark Moon Fleet 2021

The Dark Moon spans the Eastern seaboard of the US and has been active in the past. Just like waves in the sea it ebbs and flows. In the past couple of years the fleet has been waking up again to flow. Then the pandemic happened. It became my mission to direct this flow of energy so that it did not waste away with inactivity. 

As communication within the fleet’s quadrants is a high priority, we (the quadrants COs and I) decided to have some activities: Challenges and online meet ups. My goal was to make warriors feel included the best that can be under these circumstances. Recruitment is important for growth but retention should not be ignored. If your warriors are having fun, others will want to have fun too. 

Taken from Thought Admiral qurgh’s direction when he was fleet commander, I started the Annual Fleet Awards.  These can be won by a warrior, ship, and quadrant. The criteria is set here: Fleet Awards  a subpage under the quadrants in the fleet. There is also a standing challenge for the warrior who challenges themselves. You will also see the recipients of these awards on the same page mentioned above.

I am proud of the quadrant commanders of the Dark Moon Fleet. They have stepped up to the challenge (waking up their quadrant and keeping them awake through the pandemic) and are persevering. Below you will find words from them.


I want to officially state: Commander Jorn sutai-Vampyr has gone out of his way to make sure warriors and quadrant commanders alike in the fleet, have the necessary items to put on challenges, to put together their uniform or to recruit for KAG.  Thank you Jorn. It is why I call him our fleet quartermaster.

Commanding Officer : Captain chISwI’ sutai-lungqIj 

Wild Frontier Quadrant.

Over the past year the Wild Frontier Quadrant has worked toward improving communication both within and beyond the boundaries of our quadrant. 

We have established a Discord server which we use to keep others posted about plans and activities, as well as hold bimonthly video meetings. 

The Quadrant currently has six active ships: the IKV Astris, the IKV Dark Eagle, the XLV Korelath, the IKV Lone Wolf, the IKV Da’Nal, and the IKV Shadow’s Edge. The IKV Lisbon Falls was decommissioned, its lone crewmember, X, joining the Shadow’s Edge.

The Dark Eagle is currently looking to re-establish in-person meetings, and plans to attend Bangor Comic & Toy Con in October. The Lone Wolf and the Korelath held monthly joint meetings for some time and are reevaluating their meeting schedule. Karn of the Lone Wolf hosted an in-person gathering this past summer, which was also attended by members of the Korelath and the Shadow’s Edge. Three members of the Korelath attended Dragon Con 2021, albeit in stealth mode. Jim of the IKV Da’Nal has remained active in producing his Trek Talking podcast, hosting a “Wild Frontier Quadrant Fireside Chat” with members of the Korelath this past February. CO Sarai Drakn and XO Icie have assumed command of the Shadow’s Edge. Future quadrant events include King Richard’s Faire (October) and Rhode Island Comic Con (November).

Commanding Officer:  IXL Major Thellizhír vestai-ch’Lethlaen

Dark Vengeance Quadrant

The DVQ spans New York, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The DVQ has 9 chapters and over 100 registered members.  There are 46 members on the Facebook page.  New York has the IKV Voracious (Lockport) commanded by LT COMM Wam TammoH; IKV Empire Fist (Oswego) commanded by CAPT Jag sutai-Kurkura;

IKV Dominance (Illion, Mohawk Valley region,Herkimer, Utica, Rome) commanded by LT K’arrak vestai-Magar; Outpost Camanche(New York City) commanded by LT Armon tai-; In Pennsylvania, there is IKAV chuch ‘etlh (Philadelphia) commanded by Ensign A’taQ; XLV Korishara Nocht (Dalmatia) commanded by Kisa Sanura; IKV Hegh qIj (Southwestern PA) commanded by Tin Suvwl tai-; the IKS Vipers Venom (Hermitage, PA) commanded by K’ntaH tai- and in New Jersey, our newest chapter the IKV qul ro’ (Brick Township) commanded by Ensign GiHarg Ro.

It has been about a year since I became the commander of the DVQ. It’s been a rough year for the DVQ and everyone.  COVID has us all staying in, wondering when life is going to get back to normal.  We, as Klingons, are not normal, there are many things you can do to get together Facebook rooms, zoom, Discord, etc.) and still stay safe.  I am not much for formal meetings but I started, almost a year ago, a 7 PM Thursday chat for the DVQ.  It has been mostly the Hegh qIj, (Pittsburgh Chapter) and the qul ro’ (Southern New Jersey chapter) but we are always looking for more!

The DVQ has had some successes this year.  The Dark Moon Fleet sponsored a Step Challenge. The DVQ had 8 members (the smallest amount of participants across the 4 quadrants) and we were the Winners of the average amount of steps taken.  We also had Pamela Carey of New York win Best in Show for her Klingon outfit at KAGkon this past summer. The qul ro’ has gotten out and attended the Sci-fi summit. The Hegh qIj has been getting out to the local cons in and around Pittsburgh and is headed to Morgantown, WV and Altoona, PA for their cons, the Viper’s Venom has been out recruiting on the OH/PA border at local toy shows.  You can find some AER reports on KAG.org. 

For the Empire,
Commanding Officer:  Lieutenant Commander Kuruk vestai-Rustadzh

Dark Star Quadrant

After I became Dark Star Quadrant CO, the quadrant ships grew to 21 total (about 15 initial ships with 6 new ones added). It was glorious. We eventually lost one ship when the CO moved to Klin-Fire Fleet. In March 2020, COVID-19 affected everyone’s ability to go to conventions so most of our interaction between ourselves was online.

With the new ships and resurgence of interest by the existing ships, a renewed interest in costuming construction began. Pictures were posted of armor and sometimes how to construct accessories tutorials were submitted. Warriors posted pictures of themselves proudly in their armor.

One of our first Quadrant wide events was mask sewing and ear protector (crocheting and knitting) for hospitals and rest homes for about 3 months. Winners were given a gift card each. Masks finally became more commercially available, and the project ended.

Warriors posted on DSQ Facebook page inspiring memes about Klingons and helped keep the quadrant spirits soaring high into the naked stars.

We participated in KAG KON and enjoyed the fantastic programming. I was honored to co-present two panels: Imperial Xeno Legion and Charity work.

KAG patches were ordered in bulk and distributed among the Quadrant warriors over the next year or so all the way up to Dragon Con, starting with the IKV Executioner, flag ship of the quadrant. To date, I only have one patch left!

There was a fleet Food Drive which the quadrant participated in and helped KAG beat Starfleet in the amount donated! Qapla’!!!

The XO of the quadrant, Lt. Cmdr. Martok vestai-lungqIj, build a wonderful Command Chair which he has generously brought to conventions to aid in the Executioner’s charitable work. We lead by example to the quadrant to also follow the famous words uttered by Kirk as the most important three words ever uttered, “Let me help.”

A Fleet Step Challenge was offered to the quadrant and our Warriors rose to it! We stepped and stepped mightily and won the challenge with the most steps. We received kill stripes from our good friend, the CO of the Phoenix Rising Quadrant, Jorn sutai-Vampyr. Glory and honor to all the quadrants that participated! Many patches and kill stripes were given out to the step participants attending ConCarolinas. Also non-participating KAG members got their patch in the hopes that they would renew their interest in KAG and come back to play.

Continuing interest in armoring up resulted in a couple of warriors posting their pictures of how their costuming was coming along. It is inspiring!

Several filmed videos for the Past the Patch initiative from KAG. We are eagerly awaiting the final results.

Dragon Con loomed and in response to one of the ship CO’s comment about needing to get in shape for it, I set up a Mini-Step Challenge. Each participating ship would submit two champions (designed to make the competition more even, but in some cases, it was not to be). The champions stepped for two weeks with the KPV Krimson Fury leading the way and winning! The step Champion with the most steps was Martok with over 220,000 steps. The underlying theme of this challenge was to instill PRIDE in our Quadrant. Each step Champion will receive swag for their efforts.
There was also a Show Us Your KAG initiative designed for those not participating in the step challenge, but it was overshadowed by the step challenge. The most awesome Show Us Your KAG was done by Lt. Qo Pung tai-Qaw. He gave us the most Klingon and KAG way to document his steps! His efforts were greatly appreciated.

And again, warriors came forward to show their progress with their costuming, always a joy to behold.
The annual Christmas Card and Cookie Challenge has been issued, so the Quadrant as this to participate in. I have also got some quadrant competitions up my sleeve to keep the end of the year interesting. Real life always interferes and COVID is not defeated yet, but we in Dark Star Quadrant remain steadfast and vigilant Warriors ready to battle once again as needed. Qapla’!

Commanding Officer:  IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric

Phoenix Rising Quadrant

The state of our quadrant is improving.

Four new ships have been added in the last year: the IKV batlh’elth, the IKV Azreal, the Manowar, and the IKV taj HeH. We have also added an Ambassadorial shuttle the Kurist.

Conventions are beginning again and we had several representatives at DragonCon this year, a table at Villicon and a photo shoot at Megacon. We held a resin casting session, to teach people the essentials of casting portions of their uniforms. Members participated in the annual KAGKon. Many are planning activities when the current plague ravaging the area is conquered and we can get together again. All-in-all the state of our quadrant is strong and growing. Commanding Officer :  Commander Jorn sutai-Vampyr