How to be Klingon

qurgh la'quv · August 23, 2020

This course is an introduction to the culture and language of the Klingon People.

We will be using use information from the Star Trek Transmissions* and the audio recordings Conversational Klingon and Power Klingon, along with other sources, to explore their ideology, history, social structure, language, and m,ore.

By the end of this course you should have an elementary understanding of the Klingon people along with knowledge of a number of important Klingon language words and phrases.

In this course, tlhIngan Hol words are written in bold, while translations of those Klingon language words are written in italics. Incorrect spellings, translations, and pronunciations will be marked with a strike-through.

Note: This course is taught semi-in-character. In order to maintain a fun in-character experience, while also explaining why Klingons need to be taught about Klingons, this course assumes the following conceits:

*Star Trek, the movies, TV shows, and some books presented as in-universe non-fiction (official tech manuals, TKD, etc), are actually transmissions sent back through time from the "Star Trek Era", by an unknown power, to inform us on future current-events, however, due to unknown reasons, we receive them out of order. Some believe that the sender of the transmissions might be the Federation and so they shouldn't be fully trusted.

The student in this course was born at some point in the Star Trek Era and then joined the Klingon Assault Group which resulted in their temporal transference to Earth's current time (2020 as of this recording). This transference often results in the student having limited knowledge of the Star Trek Era, including Klingon culture and history, and this is assumed to be the case for all.

The teacher of this course is a real Klingon, who has existed on Earth for over 30 years after joining KAG and being sent here in the same manner as the student. They have gained their knowledge from studying the "Star Trek Transmissions", by communicating with other KAG members on Earth, and by occasionally having the opportunity get information directly from individuals within the Transmissions.

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