Charlotte Comicon Good Day to Dine – Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019

After battling hard for cash funds to purchase good used refrigerators (and thermometers for them), a dryer, and new microwave among other things, weary warriors from the IKV Executioner, IXL Brigadier Keela and IXL Lt. Cmdr. Grakus went to a Good Day to Dine at China Buffet, a small food way station in geocentric orbit around the W.T. Harris asteroid in the Charlotte sector specializing in many different culinary offerings. The food was excellent and the view of the stars from the station was stellar.

68913739_2487715457933223_2380169887877169152_n-4.jpg 68568615_2325983384324122_3898155310472232960_n-3.jpg 68257149_2214548218844291_9149858083831283712_n-2.jpg 67952014_2349700165125478_3415535633626562560_n-1.jpg 68726823_907183019645785_6863633798030950400_n-0.jpg

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