Charity Check to Carolina Caring

During Father’s Day weekend, the IKV Executioner invaded and conquered Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC and raised $1,298.41 each for two separate charities: Carolina Caring (formerly Catawba Regional Hospice) in honor of Heroes Con founder, Shelton Drum; and Kwanzaa Family Inn women’s shelter, of which I have been the Housing Director for the past 5 years.

Qapla’ to all the Warrriors who worked this con and consider yourselves the recipient of a Battlenotch: Lt. Cmdr. Kas’Duj vestai Mjolnir (Paul Myers), Lt. “General” Martok vestai (Robert Plante), IXL Lt. Mejhara tai-Jones (Nichole Reavis)., and myself. Special thanks to Brian and Kitty Spurill of Starfleet International who assisted in packing up the table and loading the shuttle for the return trip home.

This past Monday, on behalf of everyone who worked Heroes Con and represented the Klingon Assault Group, Kas’Duj (in his Romulan persona of Grakus) and I flew to Carolina Caring to present the check to Lorissa Vines of Carolina Caring. They were very happy to get it and gave us a running total of the monies KAG has raised over the past 19 years: $17,925.41 to date! Qapla;!

Lorissa said Carolina Caring wants to do something special with KAG for our 20th year raising funds with them. So this is an initial Ridges Up for all Dark Star Quadrant Warriors who assist with fundraising for this great charity…. stay tuned for further news for an event after the 2020 Heroes Con with the Carolina Caring Hospice to honor our efforts.


IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric
Dark Star Quadrant IXL Liaison
CO, IKV Executioner


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