Brick Fan Expo

There was a Lego convention in Orlando Florida: Brick Fan Expo Orlando – A LEGO® Fan Event.  It was held June 8-9 at the Dezerland Park Convention Center.  With the short notice  we had (two weeks) and the main KAG ship in the area away on a special mission, we had to call on help from the Orlando based USS Haven.

We were afforded a twenty by twenty foot (20 by 20 foot) space for our efforts.  Lt Commander K’arm organized everything, with 2nd LT kkuhl dokmarr and myself, CMD Jorn VamPyr rounding out the KAG side.  Three members of the Haven helped out also.

Over the two days; two containers of KAG key chains, two inches of business cards and all of my remaining KAG brochures were given out.  A lot of interest was shown for the Klingon Assault Group at the convention.


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