Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom Invades SCHS PAWS Walk

Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom Invades SCHS PAWS Walk

Marine Captain mar Sal tai Hurric, Commanding Officer of the Ha’DIbah lulIgh ghom, the Baraboo, Wisconsin based chapter of Klingon Assault Group rolled through the gates of Sauk County Fairgrounds, location of the Sauk County Humane Society’s annual spring fund-raiser event, PAWS Pledge Walk and Fun Fest, at approximately 0615 hours, with three assorted dozen […]

AER: Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom – SCHS Thank You Luncheon

On Earthdate March 26, 2016, the crew of Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom joined with staff and volunteers of Sauk County Humane Society for the SCHS annual “Volunteer Thank You Luncheon,” at Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Company, where our crew-members were recognized for their efforts and participation over the past year, in helping the Sauk County […]



On Monday, September 29, the contingent of Force Recon Klingon Assault Group based in Baraboo, Wisconsin departed home-base at approximately 1030 hours, in the Cadre Reconnaissance Vehicle with group leader SoghHom (Lieutenant) marSal of House Hurric (Bob Poole), his parmaqqay, Skele (Eilene Sullivan) and two scout critters (cats), Mr. Miley and Wilhemena (Wilma, for short) enroute the the Area of […]