Alweezgrooven 2017 AER Crimson Dawn

On August 17th 2017, after some lengthy reconnaissance by our IXL Romulan operative Dhivani, the IKV Crimson Dawn sent out a raiding party upon the town of Duclos, PQ.  Increasingly interesting energy readings were appearing annually for the past 8 years, coming from Cabin in the Woods Campground, home of Alweezgrooven Outdoor Electronic Music, Art, & Wellness Festival.

After driving about 20 minutes up a one-lane dirt road with branches brushing either side of the car, we realized the ships computer had led us in a slightly wrong direction.  We came to a clearing, and set up the tent for the night, just as midnight hit, the sky opened with a torrential downpour.  Luckily, we were mostly water-tight, except for a couple of pesky drops making their way through the tent, and hitting moQ right between the eyes.  He decided stay warm, and bear the water torture through the night, rather than get up, and potentially get totally soaked trying to fix the tent fly.
In the morning, we found we were not too far off course, packed up the gear, and backtracked our way down to Alweezgrooven 2017.  By the time we got there, the music was already starting, and it would not subside until Sunday night.  Thumping bass at 5am is truly a test of a warrior’s mettle.  We set up a mini tent-city across from the lake, where we would have easy access to the House/Techno and Trance stages, as well as the bonfire pit, with plenty of room to set up the emergency hammock for an afternoon snooze.

Daytime at Alweezgrooven made for the perfect occasion to mingle with Terrans from across the country who had come to share in this outdoor experience.  Environmental scans of the lake found three large bullfrogs, a bajillion smaller frogs, one giant tadpole, and a half’n’half.  The atmosphere was laid back, and happy.  We knew once we found where the interesting energy signatures were coming from, victory would be swift for our raiding party against these puny humans.

When night came, that all changed.  The music became more intense, and the sounds on dancing feet and revelry could be heard echoing across the lake.  We emerged from our tents, into what we assumed would be the cover of darkness, but were instead greeted by blindingly bright lights pulsating from across the lake!  That’s where the energy signatures were coming from!  It was a Stargate!  The intense thumping battle music stirred our warrior instincts right to the core, and at once, we knew our objective.  We charged forth to claim the gate!  This would be a glorious night for the Empire!

The Humans at night seemed also stirred by the music, and were not caught by surprise, instead they met us head on, with battle gear donned, and energy weapons at the ready!  These were indeed warriors deserving of a glorious death!

We pushed past the warriors, and took the stage at Awleezgrooven 2017, claiming the Stargate for the Empire!  At this point, the Humans recognized our victory and began to cheer!!
What happened next was a victory dance with both Human and Klingon warriors, in the name of the Klingon Empire.  We feasted and drank bloodwine until the sun shone down on the Earth.
Reconnaissance and strategy:  IXL Lieutenant Dhivani tai-Mk’naj
Attending in uniform:  2nd Lieutenant moQ tai-Mk’naj and Lieutenant Ghob’Qan tai-Mk’naj