[Imperial Date: 1581.0]  Announcing the totals for Adjudicator March community service projects:

ECO-CAP CHALLENGE: 152 caps collected to provide polio vaccinations for children in Bhutan.

R-STATION CHALLENGE: 88 beverage cans and bottles recycled.

PULL-TAB CHALLENGE: 258 pull tabs collected to provide wheelchairs for those in need.

Participation: Lt. Commander MEK’TOR, 2nd Lieutenant NA’TAN, Sergeant RIHKH, Sergeant ‘EM’IHLEY, Sergeant M’SAI, and Sergeant SA’LEH,

With these numbers, we have exceeded our tenth service challenge goal; as such Battle Notches are awarded to those crewmembers contributing since the 9 goal was met:

Lt. Commander MEK’TOR
2nd Lieutenant NA’TAN
Sergeant RIHKH
Sergeant ‘EM’IHLEY
Sergeant M’SAI
Sergeant SA’LEH


[This report is backed up from ship’s log]