AER: Sauk County Humane Society Thank You Luncheon

On Saturday, earth-date June 9th, 2018, the Command Cadre of Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom attended the annual Sauk County Humane Society “Volunteer Thank You Luncheon” at Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Company in Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin). The event was scheduled to run from 12 noon to about 2 p.m., earth time. It’s an opportunity for those who volunteer their time and efforts to gather, socialize, and be recognized for the accomplishments over the previous year.

As the crew of Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom volunteer time and efforts to the SCHS, it’s fitting that we attend to be recognized for our volunteerism, as well as to represent the Klingon spirit, and to recognize the efforts of SCHS within our area of operations.

Among those recognized on this date, our own XO Skele (Eilene Sullivan) was recognized for putting in the their highest number of hours as a volunteer for the year. A plaque acknowledging her efforts was awarded by the Interim Director of SCHS.

Similarly recognized was CO mar Sal (Bob Poole) for putting in the second highest number of volunteer hours for the year. He also received a placque commemorating his efforts, handed over by SCHS Interim Director Dana Madalon.

Among those efforts by these two warriors, contributing to the success of SCHS for the year, was their involvement with the annual Spring SCHS fundraiser, “PAWS Pledge Walk & Fun Festival” on Saturday, May 5, 2018, and the sales of raffle tickets for the raffle held in conjunction with that event. During the period of raffle ticket selling, individual volunteers, staff, and board members of SCHS sold such raffle tickets individually, with specific dates and locations set for erecting and manning raffle ticket sale booths by teams of volunteers. Of the entire total of such raffle ticket sales, the Command Cadre of Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom recorded one quarter of the totla raffle ticket sales, amounting to $1000 in sales, at such scheduled sale booths at locations around the Sauk County (Wisconsin) area. A special recognition package was awarded to this team for selling the most raffle tickets for this spring event, also presented by interim SCHS Director, Dana Madalon.

Ha’DIbaH lulIgh ghom continues to bring glory to the Klingon Empire, and to bring Klingon glory to the Sauk County Humane Society. We challenge Klingon units and ships around the empire to join us in seeking, and bringing such glory to the empire, to their local units/ships and to their community.

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