AER: PAWS Pledge Walk and Fun Festival

Ha’DIbah’ lulIgh ghom has, since the first month of this year, been heavily involved with helping the Sauk County Humane Society mount it’s annual springtime fund-raiser event, PAWS Pledge Walk and Fun Festival.  The purpose of the event is to raise funds to be committed to the care and housing of homeless animals in the Sauk County (Wisconsin) area.  Our entire crew has been involved, including our CO as a member of the committee organizing the event, and our XO as an integral volunteer staffer for the event.  We also managed to donate 300 Earth/human dollars worth of space heaters to the SCHS for their use at whatever purpose, but inspired by a possible need to provide a small amount of heat in one or two of the chilly county fairgrounds buildings where the event was held.  Along with the space heaters, we donated 4 dozen donuts from a a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts for the crew of volunteers (a crew of about 50) who showed up at 0600 hours on Saturday morning, May 2, to staff the event.  Our crew showed up at that early hour as well to finish setting up for the event.  A degree of setting up was accomplished on Friday, May 1 from 1100 hours to about 1845 hours.  Our CO managed to breathe life into his somewhat ailing personal transport vehicle (a 1997 Ford Ranger pick up truck) on Friday, May 1 to transport supplies and equipment to the Sauk County (Wisconsin) Fairgrounds from the SCHS animal shelter’s storage areas, as well as picking up a 20 foot by 20 foot tent from a local rental facility, while the XO, using her personal transport, picked up the sound system being loaned by a local DJ service for our public address system.

The goal for this fund-raiser was around 30000 earth human dollars, an amount that was eventually well succeeded.  Ha’DIbaH’ lulIgh ghom was largely instrumental in the achievement of that beyond-the-goal final total.  Our grew had put up signage, manned raffle ticket booths, collected donated supplies and equipment, and more, as well as manning stations and positions at the actual event.  Although the crew attended, and participated in our non-Klingon human guises, and out of uniform, we prominently displayed our identities, and extolled the virtues of Klingon activities and KAG membership to one and all, as well as making sure to brag about how much we had helped out with the event.

Much gratitude was received by the crew of Ha’DIbaH’ lulIgh ghom from the staff of SCHS, and the organizers of their PAWS Pledge Walk and Fun Festival.  Those humans who attended and participated in the event, with their non-human companions, obviously had a marvelous time.  All those volunteers and staffers who worked so hard to make the event even possible, had a marvelous time – in spite of all the hard work.  Our own crew worked diligently, and vigorously at helping to make the event successful, and had a most marvelous time doing so.

Particular mention must be made in commendation of our XO Skele (Eilene Sullivan), who, besides all the other things she contributed, managed to spend a few hours at the entrance gate during the event, welcoming attendees to the fun festival, and guiding them to the local Ford dealer’s test drive set-up on the grounds, where they could test drive a new vehicle, free, and fill out a form, resulting in that Ford dealer contributing a final total of 6000 Earth/human dollars to the SCHS (above and beyond the previously mentioned $30,000 total).  Her care and dedication to transporting the rather larges speakers and sound system from the loaner’s location to the fairgrounds, as well as transporting them back AND having to lift the huge speakers out of her vehicle by herself and carrying them to where they needed to be placed, due to the owner not being at home at the time.  majQa, Skele.

Though we be a small unit, in number, Ha’DIbaH’ lulIgh ghom continues to make a very big impression on our area of operations. The humans are coming to know us, and respect us. Each time we take on an endeavor and complete the task, it is quite easy to say about the undertaking…”It was … … … glorrrrr-ious.”

Sogh marSal tai Hurric
Commanding Officer
Ha’DIbaH’ lulIgh ghom
Klingon Assault Group

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