AER: O!Comicon 2016

Full crew

These are the voyages of the IKV Raptor’s Heart. It’s continuing mission; to patrol the Cold Death and Cold Blood Quadrants; to seek out new challenges and new Klingons. To honorably go where ever we want:

Earth Date: July 8, 2016. We established geosynchronous orbit over the MidAmerica Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa and beamed ourselves and equipment to our base camp. We located a convenient site for a base camp within the facility, set up a small selection of Klingon artifacts and once again took the opportunity to establish a research facility where the human attendees would be temporarily transformed in Klingons. While many in this crowd were interested in what we do, very few took the next step to experience what it was like to actually be a Klingon warrior.

That first night we ran another session of Trek Trivia with our version of Klingon Jeopardy. Lance Corporal Jim Arrowwood again took over his duties as MC for this session. Participation was again enthusiastic with many participants receiving chocolate, some enjoying pain (our joy buzzer pain sticks).
The next day, we participated in a group photoshoot with Star Trek actor Jeffery Combs. Much honor was afforded to this exceptional individual.

At the end of the festivities, LTCDR Akela sutai-K’Tor, Lt. Qurras vestai-Kurkura, 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K’Tor, 2nd Lt. Ja’Jim , Lance Corporal Kor’taj, Lance Corporal Karhammur, and I repacked our base camp and returned to the Raptor’s Heart.
OComicon 01 OComicon 02b OComicon 04

OComicon 02 OComicon 03

2nd Lt. Jorn tai-VamPyr reporting.

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