AER: KAG Star Trek Online Fleet Night

[start transmission]

Archanis sector: Klingon Assault Group Starbase 8_15_2017

reH tlhInganpu’ taHjaj!

Standing by the bloodwine on our fleet’s starbase we take a moment in between battles to toast another successful night. We defeated several of the empire’s enemies. Rouge Gorn, The Borg, The Crystalline entity, and a perhaps a few others the bloodwine won’t let me remember. It was a night where not only did the bloodwine and the blood our enemies flow but also the conversation.

(left to right) qurgh, norghloS, chISwI’, Ar’Dur, Khartan, Noj

We managed to gather KAG warriors from all over North America this night into one great Fleet. We do it every week. What better way to show and share the warrior spirit. We welcome all from around the world to join us.

I look forward to next week when the bloodwine flows again and the enemies keep coming.  Qapla’ !

chISwI’ out

[end transmission]