AER: Inside Pitch Toy Show, Hickory, NC

Hail Warriors,

After arriving and setting up the KAG table July 19, 2014 at my appointed location in the Hickory Metro Convention Center, I stepped into the genetic transformation booth and dialed up Orion. With the help of an unsuspecting huMan female, I was able to achieve that look.

Afterwards, I went to work raising funds for Kwanzaa Family Inn, a non-profit women’s shelter in Lenoir, NC where I work as Housing Director.

It was a lonely but rewarding battle from 10 am to 3 pm, as I was able to raise $200 for Kwanzaa. The ion storm cut short my stay, but upon packing up and getting out in it, I discovered why the Wicked Witch from the West didn’t like the rain. My makeup was melting, melting…. A purple umbrella shielded me from further assault.

Afterwards, I warped to The Spot in Newton to check out the new store. It’s pretty awesome. The holo image below shows me with Jeff Duckworth of STIF there. Without further incident, I piloted my way back home, stepped into the genetic transformation booth and with the help of hot water and soap reverted to my huMan disguise.

It was a good day!

CO, IKV Raging Wolf

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