AER: IKV veqlargh bey – Ship Commissioning

Incoming transmission from the IKV veqlargh bey:
Qe’vaS reStarq Commanding.

Beneath the stars that dripped with blood we gathered in The Name of Kahless and to the Honor of the Empire commissioned a new ship to serve KAG in the NE Florida section of the Dark Phoenix Quadrant. Her name, veqlargh bey (Feklar’s Scream) is to remind all warriors who serve on board her to always act honorably and therefore have Sto-Vo-Kor as their reward but to those who act with dishonor, cowardice, and treachery their reward will be a voyage on the Barge of the Damned, being marked a petaQ that the only thing flowing in their veins s water, and the last thing heard upon entrance into Grethor will be the wail of Feklhr!

To mark this historic moment the Ship’s Commanding Officer, being an accomplished chef as well as cleric and warrior prepared several House reStarq delicacies known throughout the homeworld. After the feasting and singing the ship’s commissioning document was signed by those in attendance (there were a few who have not officially been stationed and we are awaiting their signatures) Then down to business of assigning duty stations to those bold warriors who choose to serve aboard this glorious vessel. The crew pledged their lives, the CO accepted the burden of command, and there was much feasting, singing, and the bloodwine flowed like rivers! A Wall of Honor was erected in the personal quarters of the Commanding officer and his mate where the future deeds of our crew will be proudly displayed! And at this point things are a bit foggy however, we of the IKV veqlargh bey take our rightful place amongst our Brothers and Sisters, the Sons and Daughters of Kahless, The Empire, and The Klingon Assault Group!

Qapla’ batlh je!!!!!!


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