AER: IKV Rising Thunderbird and IKV Rising Pheonix : The Geekulture events.

IKV Rising Thunderbird: Second Lieutenant Krankie-Tai Q’Rak
Second Lieutenant Cyanna-Tai Q’Rak
Second Lieutenant Mivaa- Tai
Cadet Tok-Tai
Cadet OrnaQ-Tai Q’Rak

IKV Rising Pheonix
Marine Major D’Gor Vestai Son of Mar’ej House of Remjar
Marine Captain K’Oron Son of Kasara Vestai-VamPyr
Marine Leutinant Lu’Gor Kasara
Lance Corporal DeSDu’ paghpuqloD yotlh tuq

We arrived on the Friday to L’Assomption for the parade around the city. Krankie, Mivaa, and the cadets were present to make the empire proud.

On the Saturday morning the IKV Rising Phoenix landed to help the warriors get ready. At the event we met many cosplayers and cosplay groups like the Mandolarian Mercs, the X-Men Montréal, the 501st Legion, Harry Potter Cosplay Quebec, Ghostbusters Mtl and Qc and many more. We took picture with humans and talked about the empire with as many people as possible. DeSDu’ gave a Klingon language class during the week-end to all humans who wanted to learn our proud language.

On Saturday night we went to L’ange Cornu to have a well deserved feast with all our warrior and let the city of l’Assomption know that Klingons were there.We finished the night with Blood Wine and marshmallows around the campfire.

Sunday was a little slower but we took pictures and talked to alot of people. The Cadets had some good fights with Les productions Windrose. They also learn how to be Klingons by Marine Major D’Gor and Marine Captain K’Oron and how to make the empire proud.

Thanks to every one who was there to make my first event a moment to make good memories and new friends.


2nd Lieutenant Cyanna-tai Q’Rak.

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