AER: IKV Raptor’s Heart – OSFest 7 on August 1-3, 2014

AER, 8/1-3/2014


OSFest SF convention, Omaha


A new fan area was added to the convention this year, and the IKV Raptor’s Heart was tasked with the goal of making it impressive to encourage other fan groups to build areas showing off what they do.  Months of planning went into this mission because of its importance to the community.

Beaming in supplies and personnel on Friday, we proceeded to our assigned area and began building a representation of all things (that we had) Klingon.  New stands had been constructed to display a few costumes in addition to the ones on our persons, both Klingon and Federation (it was, after all, a Star Trek Fan Area).  We also had a large display of weapons, many books, home-made props and toys, our ever expanding medals display, as well as a Klingon Combat table using the IKV Melota’s recruiting video – my thanks go out to Captain Salek sutai- for providing me the video, as well as the patterns I used to construct the combat bat’leths and mekleths.

Friday night, we again offered a discussion of the proper use and pronunciation of Klingon Curses.

Saturday was the main thrust of our activities for the convention attendees.  First thing in the morning, we prepared our Q (Christopher Crane) for his role as arbiter in Klingon Jeopardy later in the day.  Pulling in two chefs – Patrick Kennedy and Trudy Myers – we offered a well-received presentation of Iron Chef Klingon.  With two varieties of gagh, Rozhenko Pie, spiced Targ Testicles, glazed Tribble bits, and QoreSIt Pipius Saute, everyone found something they liked, so that very few left-overs made it to the convention’s Con-Suite.  2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K’Tor successfully ran a crocheting workshop.  2nd Lt. Trudy Myers ran an incredibly well attended Klingon Pin construction workshop.  Everyone got together again and ran a Klingon Jeopardy game with chocolate going to correct answers and shots from pain sticks to incorrect responses.  A lot of chocolate got distributed that day.  After Jeopardy was concluded, we accompanied several people to the local Perkins Restaurant for “It’s a Good Day to Dine.”  We had about 20 people in attendance with about half of them in costume; not just Trek uniforms, we also had Star Wars costumes, as well as dragons and furries.  Everyone had a great time.

Members from the USS Allegiant, Admiral Darman Ellison, Captain Jennifer Angel and Ensign Deborah Stevens from Wichita Kansas, travelled up to represent the UFP in this Fan effort.  They made a lot of diplomatic stops throughout the day.  At the end of which, a short presentation was made and gifts exchanged.  Our Captain received a bottle of Romulan Ale and their Captain was given a new style bat’leth.

On Sunday, we continued our display area until around 2PM local time and packed everything away for the trip home.  Plans with the convention staff were discussed, as they want us back doing even more next year.

Over all, this was the most ambitious effort of our crew of the Raptor’s Heart.  Our presentations from the past were not well attended, but the new ones we tried were received very positively, with plans being made on how to improve them.  I would like to commend the following crew members for their successful efforts: 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K’Tor, 2nd Lt. Trudy Myers, 2nd Lt. Mek’tor tai-, 2nd Lt. Q, Sgt. Patrick Kennedy and of course LCDR Akela tai-K’Tor.

Written this day by 2nd Lt. Jorn tai-VamPyr, XO IKV Raptor’s Heart

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