AER: IKV Raptor’s Heart at O-Comic Con 2018


On July 13-15, the crew of the IKV Raptor’s Heart invaded O-Comic Con at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. We had a great time enjoying some Klingon fellowship and talking with people as they passed by our booth or as we walked around the facility promoting both the ship and KAG in general. Things discussed during the lulls in activity included becoming a more active ship through recruiting and perhaps performing more service projects.

We also hosted four panels that included: Klingon Culture, a discussion of Klingon traditions as depicted in the television series, films, and books; Trek 101, a general talk about Star Trek history from the beginning and up to today; Klingon Jeopardy (Come for the Pain, Stay for the Chocolate), a fan favorite including trivia, chocolate, and pain sticks; Klingon Language, a discussion about the basics and origins of Klingon language as well as a list of resources on where to learn more. All of the panels were well attended and we would like to thank Matt McKeever for helping with an update of the Trek 101 PowerPoint presentation and for joining us as a part of the panel providing his knowledge and philosophical point of view.

We had a great time at O-Comic Con and are looking forward to attending again next year.

Plans are also in the works to have a presence at the new Grand Comic Con in Grand Island, Nebraska in March.

For the Glory of the Empire!  Qapla!

Respectfully Submitted by Lt. Ja’Jim, Chief Communications Officer.

Ja’Jim in front of the table waiting to greet and recruit new members.
Chrissy and I with Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett from Attack of the Clones) would make a great Klingon!
Ja’Jim Talking about Kahless.
A Vulcan Who smiles a lot. Maybe she is actually a Romulan spy!
An awesome Wonder Woman visited our booth.
A Trill attended the Klingon Language Panel.
Matt McKeever and Ja’Jim
When Robert Pelletier is not with the 501st as Vader or a Storm Trooper, he is in Starfleet!
O Comic Con booth.
Getting our name out there.
Our table at O Comic Con
Ja’Jim and Matt working the crowd in the Trek 101 panel.
Ship’s Commander Akela and Ja’Jim discuss Star Trek in the Trek 101 panel.
Matt McKeever joined us for the Trek 101 panel.

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