AER: IKV Predator of Nashville, TN at Fanboy Expo

Fanboy Expo was at the Knoxville Convention Center on June 29-July 1, 2018 in Knoxville, TN. Members of the IKV Predator in attendance were Commanding Officer Ryan Peck, Executive Officer Kathy Peck, Stephen Stevers, Stephen Willis, and Leslie Willis. Ryan and Kathy Peck wore their Klingon warrior attire and howled at all the guests. James King of the IKV Dragon’s Eye also invaded the con.

The most notable Star Trek guests were Jonathan Frakes and Gates McFadden. Someone asked Gates McFadden if she still has migraines. She said, “How did you know I have migraines?” The fan said, “You mentioned it at another con.” She said she gave up gluten and that cured her migraines. Jonathan Frakes talked
about what a pleasure it was to work on Discovery, and that the whole staff of Discovery really care about and work hard on the show.

Doug Jones (Saru on Discovery) said it’s great to help create a new race, the Kelpiens, for Star Trek: Discovery. He’s so skinny that movie directors usually want him to wear padding, but they decided he didn’t have to for Discovery, and he was very happy about that.

The very talented and versatile actor Dwight Schultz, most famous for playing Murdock on The A-Team, but also known for his recurring role as Barclay on several incarnations of Star Trek, was also there. The vendors room had an A-Team van with cardboard cutouts of B.A. Baracus and Hannibal Smith. Fans could have their pictures taken at the van with Dwight Schultz.

Corbin Bernsen, who played Q(2) on Star Trek: TNG was a most gracious fellow. He said he has busy starring on LA Law at the time he did Star Trek, and had very little time to fit Trek into his schedule. We are so glad he did!

With a total of six KAG members in attendance, the con invasion was a glorious success!!

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