AER: IKV Predator Goes to Wonderfest June 2, 2018

Commanding Officer Lt. Commander N’ayr sutai-K’cep (Ryan Peck) and Executive Officer IXL Captain Kavura vestai-K’cep (Kathy Peck) of the IKV Predator in Nashville, TN made the trek to Louisville, KY for Wonderfest 2018, a hobby con for fans of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, etc. The con had a huge model contest. There were very detailed models of different versions of the Enterprise, the Millennium Falcon, monsters such as King Kong and Wolfman, and superheroes such as Thor and Wonder Woman. It was a huge smorgasbord of replicas representing every fandom imaginable. The craftmanship that went into all of the displays was remarkable. It’s touted as the biggest genre model contest in the country. We spoke with Rick Sternbach, who designed some of the ships and props for Star Trek and The Last Starfighter, and Ken Palkow who worked on Star Trek: Beyond, Altered Carbon, and Deadpool 2. We wore our TOS Klingon uniforms and defeated the 501st in battle. We also ran into fellow KAG member Darren Carter and shared bloodwine with him. It was another glorious victory for the IKV Predator.

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