AER: IKV Predator at Star Wars vs. Star Trek in Nashville, TN

The Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN is a fun science museum and educational center. Their quarterly event, Way Late Play Date, is a one-night adults only event with a different theme each time. This time the theme was “Star Wars vs. Star Trek”. Grownups could cosplay, enjoy alcohol, browse the cool science exhibits, and meet some friendly fan clubs along the way. The IKV Predator had 5 members in attendance: CO Ryan Peck, XO Kathy Peck, Vicki and Gaylen Greve, and Teena Haskins Godwin. Ryan, Kathy, and Teena cosplayed as Andorians to represent the Imperial Xeno Legion. Vicki and Gaylen wore their Klingon warrior attire. We set up a table with banners and gave out pins. We also recruited more warriors for the Empire! In the planetarium, we watched a documentary narrated by George Takei about asteroids. And all 5 of us participated in the costume contest. We challenged both Imperials and rebels from the Star Wars universe and rose victorious in battle!



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