AER: IKV Heart of Honor Operation: Salvation Army

October 27th was a glorious day for the IKV Heart of Honor!

First, we welcome new crew member D’roq to the ranks. He will be a valuable member of our crew as we move forth into the many battles we will face.

After gathering at our headquarters, all members of the ship shuttled to the Salvation Army office. Not sure what we would face, we were tentative and alert to anything that may happen. Suddenly, all gre’thor broke loose as a group of Boy Scouts arrived with numerous bags of canned goods and other consumables and our mission was clear; we were to help with the organization of these items.

While the majority of the ship’s personnel worked on sorting and shelving the food intended for those less fortunate than ourselves, Cadets Hannah and Chrissy were taken to another part of the building to organize the office space, for which they did an excellent job.

As the morning proceeded and it looked as though we were going to be done with the job early, two more Scout troops arrived with more and more bags of consumables that were in need of attention. Everyone jumped in and the work was done in two and a half hours. All in all, we had sorted and shelved over 950 pounds of food items to help those in need.

After our service at the Salvation Army, we decided that it was a good day to dine so we shuttled to Freddy’s, a local burger restaurant, and had a hearty meal together as a crew. Later that evening, those that could gathered at our headquarters and had an evening of singing songs, telling stories, and playing board games.


1st Lt. Ja’Jim, Commander

Doyle, Diane and Jen unpack and sort items.
Our Commander.
First Officer Jamie giving suggestions.
Hannah does some heavy lifting.
Chrissy helps out with some office work.
Jim and Diane.
Isaiah on one of his multiple trips from the sorting table to the shelves.
Lots of food to shelve.
Hannah provides more muscle.
Commander Ja’Jim with a handful.
This place is swarming with Klingons!
After the work, it IS a good day to dine at Freddy’s!
Game night at the commander’s house.

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