AER: IKV batlh qa’ at WindyCon 44

Qapla’, fellow warriors!

Another year, another WindyCon on the books for the IKV batlh qa’! This year, we got our Jail & Bail back from a defunct convention’s storage pod, members participated in multiple panels, and we spread the glory of the Klingon Empire amidst the suburbs of Chicago once more!

Friday kicked off early with table setup. We were given 2 large tables this year and we brought our command chair for people to get pictures in. Our captain, maroQ, got space for weapons in the art show, too. Most of Friday was spent at the table being diplomats to the Terrans.

On Saturday, we ran our Jail & Bail and the panel fun kicked into high gear. maroQ lead a panel on Klingon makeup & costuming and then he moderated a panel with Lt. Commander jansIy about Alien “Unexplained” Cultures. In the room next door to the Alien Culture panel, I brought the glory of Klingon music to the Terran masses while our first officer, Emira, held down the table. Then janSIy was off to do one more panel about Star Trek & Star Wars! A busy afternoon! Unfortunately, our Jail & Bail had to be set up down the hallway from our table and, with ship members coming & going for panels, it was harder to gain traction on it than anticipated. However, by the end of the day we raised $60 which was $60 more than we raised when we started and we have already spoken to the con about placement for next year. On Saturday evening, maroQ was one of the judges for the annual costume masquerade. Much glory & honor for the IKV batlh qa’!

Sunday morning arrived too soon after a night of room parties & mayhem. janSIy was the only shipmate with panels that day but he had a full slate of them! First he spoke about English As A Dead Language, then a panel on what happens when “super bugs” take over and are resistant to antibiotics, and, finally, he got to join the Fan Guest of Honor on a panel about American Sign Language in Space and the challenges of signing in Klingon (among other less important alien languages than that of our glorious Empire). At 2pm, the closing ceremonies happened and the convention wound on down for the 44th year.

We hope you’ll join us one year for this wonderful fan-run convention! It is our ship’s “home” con and we’re proud to participate each year. The parties are great and the Terrans are friendly!

bommey Dun! ta’mey Dun! (Great songs! Great deeds!)

Commander jenbom sutai-toQqul
IKV batlh qa’
Communications Officer