AER: IKV batlh qa’ 8th Annual Klingon Christmas Toy Drive

Greetings, fellow warriors!

On December 9th, the IKV batlh qa’ in Chicago had their 8th annual Klingon Christmas Toy Drive in support of Toys For Tots! The Imperial Klingon Marines were there to support the United States Marines in their honorable charity to help the less fortunate little warriors.

In 5 hours, we filled 6 boxes full of toys. The store sold over 200(!!) toys for donations that day and people brought toys as well. We even had another store bring over a full box, which was pretty amazing. Throughout the day, there were laughs, pictures, and songs sung and good deeds done!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and showed support for our annual endeavor!

Qapla’ batlh je!  Success & honor!

Commander jenbom sutai-toQqul
Communications Officer
IKV batlh qa’ (Chicago)