AER: IKV batlh qa’ 8th Annual Klingon Christmas Toy Drive

The IKV batlh qa’ continue its honorable annual charity mission gathering toys for the little warriors of Earth! We were joined by numerous members of The Royal Manticoran Navy’s HMS Demon, members of Klingon Armada International, and Starfleet all for Toys For Tots!

We gathered over $1200 in toys & battery donations, the Klingon Pop Warrior gave a performance, and there was much laughter & cheering & were deposited into boxes. Employees of the Walgreens got into the festivities, wearing Klingon sashes and loudly ringing bells with each donation. We even got a visit from the regional manager of Walgreens, who has been a huge supporter of our event each year, and the USMC sent a Marine in dress blues to join us for part of the day. It was truly a glorious event and one for the record books.

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