AER: Hickory Con

Begin Transmission.

IXL Colonel Keela zantai-Septaric reporting.

Hickory Con is a biannual gathering of extraterrestrial (and sometimes time-traveling) lifeforms and humans in the Hickory (NC) system of Dark Star Quadrant in Dark Moon Fleet. The Hickory system is patrolled by the IKV Executioner, senior ship of Dark Moon Fleet. They received a subspace communication of the impending event and called for a invasion. The IKV Raging Wolf answered the hail, as did the IKV Fanged Moon (but they were unable to get out of port due to a pesky contagion).

I arrived at the battle site early and after securing the KAG table location, began to set up. Upon powering up the table and placing it on auto pilot, I exited the site to obtain my armor. Suddenly I intercepted the CO of the Executioner, Lt. Kas’Duj vestai-Mjolnir, as he was beaming in. Returning to the KAG table, we were informed by one of the event coordinators, Timmie Mac, that we could expand onto the adjoining table. Kas’Duj immediately began setting up, while I secured more collectibles from the IKV Raging Wolf shuttle’s cargo hold. Then we both armored up and presented ourselves to the attendees in our full Klingon gear.

The charity that the Executioner had selected was Toys For Tots. The huMan holiday season of Christmas is a time when their larvae receive gifts. But not all huMan children are blessed the same, so the Marine Corps Reserve developed this toy program to make up some of the difference. KAG is honored to support this worthy cause. We accepted straight donations and toys from attendees and vendors alike throughout the day and posed for many holo-images.

We were neighbors to the Carolina Garrison of the 501st Vader’s Fist, and further down, the Star Trek Independent Fleet. It was good to see our friends from both fan groups. Lt. Kaldhas tai-Majjas wore his Imperial Klingon uniform and headpiece. He spent the morning battling with KAG and the afternoon in his pajamas with STIF. It was also good to see Admiral Billy Ray Carswell, also a KAG member (retired). He had recently had a heart attack. Later in the day IKV Raging Wolf crewman, IXL Lt. S’Risha tai (and her service animal, our ship mascot, the half targ-half Borg dubbed the Raging Marshmallow) joined the battle.

We took turns manning the table, posing for holo-images, raising funds, shopping, and prowling the convention. One of the things that I did was assist with the costume contest. I was pulled aside as a judge because Timmie Mac had not arrived. I deferred to him as soon as he did. But then chanced to pass by when the final decision was being made on the show winner, and was called in to make the tie breaker between Batman and the Joker. Batman’s costume took a lot of care and work, although the Joker (his competitor) wasn’t bad as well. It was not easy, but after examining the contestants closely, I chose Batman. The judges honored my decision.

Several new recruits were gained and much fun (and chocolate) was had. There was a little huMan child there who made sure the chocolate did not go to waste. She visited the KAG table often which she was more than welcome to do. She fell in love with the Raging Marshmallow and spent much time petting her and talking to the Klingons while her paternal parental unit gamed.

When the vendors broke down, they brought more donations to us. Finally, we too powered down our respective KAG tables, packed our display items away and left the convention site. It was a glorious event. Unfortunately, my holo-imager decided it was on vacation and no images were secured. Kas’Duj took many holo-images and these were posted in conjunction with his report.

He also reported $134.10 was raised and a total of 40 toys were donated. These items will be combined with other Toys for Tots fundraisers and a grand total will be announced later in the year. The IKV Executioner will coordinate getting the toys and the cashiers check to the local Marine Corps Reserve representative in the Hickory system.

The joy of Kahless abounded at this event and a glorious time was had by all. Qapla’!

IXL Colonel Keela zantai-Septaric
CO IKV Raging Wolf

End Transmission.

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