AER: Garland Theater Spokane Washington 05/12/2018

AER: Garland Theater Spokane Washington 05/12/2018

Commander K’trok sutai Majjas CO of the IKV RESTLESS STAR reporting….

Begin Transmission…The IKV RESTLESS STAR departed home port of Hayden, ID at approximately 12:25 pm with Lt. CMDR K’lara sutai Majjas and myself CMDR K’trok sutai Majjas aboard.

We journeyed through the Coeur D’Alene sector at impulse speed (45mph) to get to the nearest warp conduit (I-90) so we could go to warp (70 mph). After about 20 minutes we crossed from the Idaho galaxy in to the Washington galaxy.

Upon entering the Washington galaxy we were in the Liberty Lake Sector where we stayed at warp passing thru this sector and into the Spokane Valley Sector of space. There we encountered a lot of craft at warp (Heavy Traffic). We continued at warp penetrating and passing thru the Spokane Valley sector adjusting our warp speed accordingly (60 mph) until we arrived in the Spokane city sector where we had to drop out of warp and back to varying impulse speeds (35-45 mph).

After weaving in and out space traffic (other cars) some who must have had rookie navigators piloting them we eventually arrived at the event site ( Garland Theater, Spokane, WA) at around 1:30 pm. We arrived in advance of the federation ship we were operating as a joint task force with.
The U.S.S. BISMARCK had asked the IKV RESTLESS STAR to come and help raise funds to help bring a new one day convention to Spokane, Washington area. As warriors the IKV RESTLEES STAR showed up ready for battle. After about 5 minutes representatives of the U.S.S BISMARCK showed up and said they would see if we could get access to begin setting up.

Lt Cmdr K’lara sutai Majjas and I had the IKV RESTLESS STAR table powered up by 2:00 pm. Beside the U.S.S. BISMARCK table. The U.S.S BISMARCK had about 10 members in attendance. Throughout the next 2 and 1/2 hours we made public appearance outside the theater waving at traffic and greeting patrons coming in. We advised them of what we were doing. Between proceeds from movie, t-shirts sales, and donations around $500 was raised to go toward the con fund. This money is going toward helping to pay for guest to come to con.

Around 5 pm we powered down the IKV RESTLESS STAR table and assisted with the breakdown of the U.S.S BISMARCK table. After tables were powered down and all cargo loaded in respective craft, it was declared that the event was a success. We left the event site going to into cloak and returned to our homeport with no issues.

Awards earned 1 battle notch for: Lt. Cmdr K’lara sutai Majjas
Cmdr K’trok sutai Majjas