AER: Fresno Easton Comic Con

Man’TA and myself took the shuttle to the south side of town to another Ohana run con. We donned our full Imperial Armor and took pictures with con-goers and perused the floor. It was a small affair but there were great homemade costumes and very few professional groups like 501st. At 230 we competed together as House of Kass in the costume contest and won Fan Favorite! We were awarded $15 credit for the vendor hall and passes for future Ohana Cons, it was a great victory! We went back in the vendor room and selected a couple of art pieces with our gift certificate and then headed out.

Lieutenant Men’JA vestai-Kass

eastoncon-22-4.jpg eastoncon-17-0.jpg eastoncon-18-1.jpg eastoncon-9-2.jpg eastoncon-20-3.jpg