AER: Cosplay for our cadet at Awesome Con in D.C. !


EVENT STARDATE — 2017.06.17

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Putting on the ridges of a Klingon for the first time and going out in public was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. There is that fear of being judged or laughed at that can haunt you.

It’s one of the reasons I take bullying, especially among children … VERY seriously. That and the fact that I myself was bullied as a kid.

So why am I mentioning all this when I’m supposed to be talking about Awesome Con? … Because this was the first time my 9-year-old daughter dressed in cosplay.

Over the past several months, we’ve watched with growing fears as she began worrying about others would think of her if she wore this or wore that. If she had her hair this way or that way.

So my eldest daughter (who is a member of our chapter) and I spoke. She also is into cosplay herself, although recently has picked up a camera and began offering pro photography services to other cosplayers at such events.

We decided that wearing cosplay at a con was a great way for young Abigail to spread her wings a bit and realize that she can have fun and find comfort in being the person she wants to be … dressing however she wishes.

We knew a convention would be a place where she could do this and not have to worry about being judged.

We did not put in limitations on her and let her choose WHO she wanted to be.

She chose Frisk from Undertales.

For a month, we worked with her on her costume until she was proud of it. Special thanks go out to Lee Tripp and Brittany Sipe of our crew for their assistance in helping make the costume a reality.

When the day came, we warped out of Staunton, Virginia, and traveled up towards the northern part of the state where we rode the metro into Washington, D.C., to Awesome Con.

On the metro, I finished applying the bits and pieces of my own Klingon outfit but waited til just inside the convention center to slip the headpiece into place to complete the look.


My eldest daughter (and tactical officer) helped my our cadet with getting the finishing pieces into place for her Frisk outfit.

The event was enjoyable, but crowded. We let Abigail set the pace as this event was more about her.

After the first couple of people asked to be photographed with her, she relaxed and began to enjoy herself. But the crowd of the narrow vendor aisles did get to her once causing us to slip out of the room for a break before returning a bit later.

As for me, I have come to enjoy being Klingon at such events and have learned it begins to come naturally.

Had requests from folks wishing to photograph the only known Klingon in attendance plus handed out a few recruiting cards as well.

The event was a great success. More so, considering our young one has found more confidence in herself as a result and can’t wait for the next event.

As for me, I’ve already added more conventions and similar events to the calendar.

I’m more determined than ever to bolster our chapter with more members whose hearts and spirits are KLINGON!

And more than this, I want to have more with me who dress Klingon with us hopefully starting to do things that will help combat bullying among children as well as to begin other activities like visiting children in hospitals, etc.

There are so many things out there our chapter can do for the good of our community.

Qapla’ !


— Marine Lt. Hoq’nej tai-Henej

CO, I.K.S. jev’etlh (aka. “Stormblade”)
and “The Raven Guard”

Local Chapter: Staunton, Va.
Dark Moon Fleet, Dark Star Quadrant




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