AER: Concarolinas 2013

Stardate: 201305.31-06.02
Award: battle notch
Krikor’s Log: As part of my annual tradition of visiting different parts of KAG, I had planned to visit Dark Star Quadrant, specifically ConCarolinas.  grelbr, M’Rel and I set out Thursday morning, driving as far as Cincinnati that day.  We stopped at the home of Kerla and KwISt, where we had dinner and a nice evening’s chat (mostly about KAG, of course).  The next morning we set off again, and got to the hotel in Charlotte in the late afternoon.  I managed to find Keela, and with her help we got settled into our hotel room and got our con badges.  I got armored up for my role in the Opening Ceremonies: to escort Trek actor of many faces Bill Blair onstage.  While waiting our turn to go on I had a chance to chat with some of the other guests, including author Timothy Zahn and game designer Wolfgang Baur.  After the opening ceremonies, M’Rel, grelbr and I went for dinner to a nearby Mexican place.  Later that evening M’Rel and I attended the Klingon Karaoke, where we led those present in a rousing rendition of “Yellow Bird of Prey”.
The early part of the day Saturday was spent checking out various panels and generally hanging out at the con.  The KAG Assembly was scheduled for 4pm, outside the hotel beside the pond.  We started with a procession, with drummer, honor guard, visiting dignitaries (us Canadians) and the rest of the Klingons all marching out of the hotel doors and down to the stage.  There were about 20 members at the ceremony, plus a number of onlookers.  The local ships reported in, and a number of local awards and promotions were given.  I presented Keela with a gift from Kerla.  After the KAG Assembly there was a Klingon wedding ceremony.  With the ceremonies over, we all adjourned to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  During conversation with Keela at dinner, I heard about the exploits of K’Trok and K’Lara of the IKV Restless Star, and decided to promote them on the spot (and following the convention I spoke to quad commander Gortok about making K’Trok his deputy).  After dinner I rushed to get changed for the masquerade.  I wore my Klingon Batman costume, and won “Best Original Costume”.  The rest of the evening was spent hanging out at the room parties.
Sunday we spent a bit more time with Keela and friends before saying our goodbyes and heading out.  Despite the huge thunderstorm as we drove through the mountains, our trip home was uneventful.
All CKF members attending receive a battle notch.  I will leave it to local commanders to award battle notches to Dark Moon Fleet members attending.
Krikor (Krikor Ajemian)
grelbr (Dan Evens)
M’Rel (Merle Metalin)
Log ends.


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