AER – ComicPalooza

After Encounter Report
ComicPalooza 2016
June 17 – 19, 2016
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas

2nd Lieutenant tai Martek, son of R’Nald of House Konjah, reporting. I am submitting this portion of the after encounter report on behalf of my shipmates of the IKV Logh Veng as authorized by our Commanding Officer 1st Lieutenant vestai Q’alara. Our Commanding Officer submitted the portion relating to the panels held by our organization.

IKV Logh Veng crew in attendance at ComicPalooza 2016
1st Lieutenant vestai Q’alara (Mirakel Mayoral) Commanding Officer
2nd Lieutenant tai Martek son of R’Nald (Mark Andrew Faulkner) Communications Officer
Lance Corporal Kovar of House Mektor (Andrew Godwin) Ship’s Dahar Master

This was the second convocation in as many months that IKV Logh Veng Crew attended. It was also comprised of a very diverse group of individuals representing that the crew of the IKV Logh Veng attended as representatives of the Klingon Assault Group. Our mission was to spread word of the Empire to those who were interested and to recruit new warriors to our ship.

We found that this was a much better organized and run convention than the previous event we attended in the Terran month of May. We were able to focus on our diplomatic mission of interaction with the attendees as cultural diplomatic representatives of the Empire’s Klingon Assault Group. Additionally, our Captain was able to present her symposiums on the glorious, honorable culture of the Klingon people without any interference in the schedule due to the organizational chaos as was the case with Space City Comic Convention.

Our Captain, vestai Q’alara, was interviewed for an informational broadcast. This is the link for those who are interested in hearing the recorded podcast.

Our experience with ComicPalooza was that this turned out to be a highly positive experience and a great way to show off the Klingon Assault group to a brand new audience. We were successful in our efforts to make contact with a number of individuals interested in learning more about the Klingon Empire and have sent recruiting information to them. We look forward to adding even more to our ranks in the Klingon Assault Group as well as here on the IKV Logh Veng. Qa’pla!

2nd Lieutenant tai Martek
Ending Report Transmission

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