AER: Cold Revenge Quadrant Wedding Invasion

Official AER


Stardate 201730.01

I piloted my ship to the QHQ BoO ( that’s Quadrant HQ Base of Operations) where I met up with Brian, Harley Graves, and Brian’s Parmaqqay Tia. From there, Brian piloted us to Beaumont for the invasion where we met up with Mark Andrew Faulkner and Zoa Richter. We arrived early to scare the normals, I mean prepare for the Everything. The wedding was to begin at 3 we were instructed to show up at 2 but we beamed down at 1. (Blast off lol couldn’t resist) we found where we were needed to be and quickly got out of our human disguises.

Let the nonsense begin. Several families were taken aback to see Klingon. Andrew mentioned a family who sidestepped him in the hallway.

Speaking of Hallways what a great place to practice our singing. We had to prep for yajah Qe ‘OH. Once ready we began to run amok (even with supervision). First we were grabbed by the cake designer and told we had to have a picture with the cake Brian stabbed the cake naturally, it had the ugly delta shield all over it.

Then someone hauled-in a garbage scowl for some reason ( an miniature version of the USS Endurance of which the husband and wife command). Then we went to the hall were the ceremony was to take place we stood on a side wall near the back of the room after quite some time of not being sure what to do or where to be. The pity is we didn’t have 6 bat’leths to do a bat’leth arch. We began talking amongst ourselves as guest filed in and had various reactions, from shock to awe. What?! We smiled! Or was it snarling? Isn’t it all the same?

Then all of the sudden everyone started wanting pictures with the Klingons! “Can I get a picture of you guys?” Oh of course you can. Klingons are very photogenic.

Suddenly I looked at the stage and the groom was there. We neither saw nor heard him come in. Hmmm must be nearing the start. Josh (the groom not me) was looking rather dapper in his StarFleet whites. Then the wedding procession began filing in. When they closed the doors for the bride I half expected a Trek theme to play. As the ceremony began the Klingons were quiet, which was a feat. Jean-Luc Picard was quoted at some point. Then ceremony ended with the officiant telling josh that he could engage in a kiss then make it so. She then announced the couple. Brian raised his hand a bit enough for josh to see, to which he nodded and I bellowed out jIlIH loD’nal Josh ‘ej be’nal Lucinda. Then Brian started us off om the Klingon Victory song, which the couple slowly (because Josh likes the song) walked away from the Aisle to. The song ended in a very loud Qapla’. We then filed out and went to the reception room to secure seating, near the bar of course. The folks began coming in and we were informed several times that we did a great job. Yeah yeah ok. The Bride said we did good, ah that’s what counts. Apparently as long as the Earth woman is happy on her wedding day that’s all that matters.

During the reception I chatted with the SFI Region Coordinator for Region 3. Very decent guy for a human, drinks like a Klingon. We decided that since the USS TEXAS aka the Battleship Texas are near and dear to both our groups we would team up with them to increase awareness about the battleship Texas’ plight. Much glory and honor were brought both to the happy couple and the Empire.

Someone shouted “how many Klingons can fit in the photo booth?” We agreed to find out. Turns out all 6 of us plus the bride in one pic and the groom in another.

Someone suggested the party didn’t begin until the Klingons arrived. We got there super early so in truth the party didn’t end until the Klingons left.

Great times to be had by all. The Logh Veng and I become closer with every event we attend.

Everyone who participated from the combined task force earned a battle notch and I received the first of many strategy marks.

We even picked up a new Klingon!