AER – 8/30-9/3/18 – IKV Predator Invades Dragon Con; Phoenix Rising Gets a New Commander

NuqneH! Members of the IKV Predator, along with other KAG
members, invaded Dragon Con, the annual geek fest of the southeast, for Labor Day Weekend. Warriors from the IKV Predator in attendance were Commanding Officer Ryan Peck, Executive Officer Kathy Peck, Chief Medical Officer Vicki Greve, Chief of Security Gaylen Greve, Leslie Willis, Stephen Willis, Carrie Williams, and Malina Erskine.

Many KAG warriors proudly walked with honor in the Dragon
Con Parade. Walking a mile-and-a-half in full uniform in the Atlanta sun is no easy feat, but we were up to the challenge. We also attended the Star Trek Photoshoot and mingled with the Feddies and other alien representatives, and we recruited two new warriors for KAG.

Dragon Con had its usual excellent Trek Track programming schedule
directed by Star Trek Voyager’s Garrett Wang. There were panels led by Trek podcasters, Trek novelists, and scientists. Guests at Dragon Con included Klingon actress Mary Chieffo and Klingon actor Kenneth Mitchell. They both served the Empire with honor by doing Q&A panels, autograph signing, and photo ops. Klingon Karaoke was a big hit Friday night. Predator’s warriors Vicki and Gaylen showed their bravery by being panelists and volunteers for the Brit Track.

One panel of note was called “Why Are There So Many Humanoids on Star Trek?” It was hosted by a real biologist who really believes there could be more aliens out there. All the better for the Imperial Xeno Legion. The Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant was won by an Andorian this year. More glory for the Imperial Xeno Legion!

A vital event at Dragon Con for KAG was a meeting with the Commander of the Phoenix Rising Quadrant, Jerry Rice, aka Commodore Kona’Nor zantai-DungyI’SunSIn, who announced several promotions and honors.

V’icki Greve, G’aylen Greve, and Carrie Williams, aka White Chocolate
Thunder, all received promotions. Congratulations for their hard work!

Executive Officer Kavura vesti-K’cep was promoted to Executive Officer of the Phoenix Rising Quadrant.

Commanding Officer N’ayr sutai-K’cep was named Warrior of the Month and was PROMOTED TO COMMANDER OF THE PHOENIX RISING QUADRANT!!!!!!! QAPLA’!!!

The Phoenix Rising Quadrant currently has 9 ships covering
the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. N’ayr and Kavura are excited to be taking over this fine quadrant. They hope to serve the Empire with glory and win many battles. Qapla’!

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