AER 201914 – IKV Predator Invades Mego Meet 2019 in Columbus, OH

Mego Meet is a convention for vintage toy collectors. Not
just Mego, but any brand name action figures or other toys from the ’70s and
’80s, and when toy companies were on the rise, made their way to this superb
gathering of collectors and fans. Registration was only $25 for a whole family.
The con was named for Mego Corporation , a toy company that existed from 1954
to 1983. They were huge in the ’70s with action figures from Star Trek, DC
Comics, Planet of the Apes, and many more. Mego had a revival in 2018, coming
back in style, making new editions of their classic action figures. Hardcore collectors
of Megos and other action figures remained so adamant that they kept the
collection hobby going all these years. Mego Meet started in 2005 and is still
happening every year. It is hosted by Plaid Stallions website.

The main part of the gathering was the vendors room with
wall-to-wall action figures and toys from bygone but well remembered TV shows
such as Superfriends, Dukes of Hazzard, and Charlie’s Angels. Nayr and Kavura
of the IKV Predator and leaders of the Phoenix Rising Quadrant showed up in
their Mego Klingon cosplay. This was obviously their biggest fan base, because
their costumes were recognized by more people than ever! One fan even gifted
them a custom-made Mego Klingon doll. Rachel Baker, the Mego seamstress was also
there with her own vendor table and sewing machine. Superhero toys were
everywhere, including both DC and Marvel, and cosplayers of Isis, Tarzan, Wolverine,
and Planet of the Apes we seen making their way around the con. Other
highlights were an auction for custom-made action figures and a kids costume

Special guests were Marty Abrams (CEO of Mego),
Joel Rosenzweig (President of Mego), and Paul “Dr. Mego” Clarke. They
did a question-and-answer session about upcoming toys. Big announcements were
made too. It was all very hush, hush. Turn off your cell phone cameras and
recording devices. This is top secret stuff here. So what are some things
coming up?

Eight-inch DC dolls.

Star Trek: Discovery.

Locutus of Borg.

Twelve-inch Gorn.


New molds for male and female superhero bodies.

Marvel ball-heads to compete with Funko pops.

Rocky Balboa: one bloody and one clean.

Ivan Drago.

Apollo Creed.

Stan Lee.

Fourteen-inch Frankenstein.

Lord of the Rings.

Headless Horseman.

And best of all, distribution will soon be in all
stores, not just Target. Mego is once again on the cutting edge of toys, hungry
to get back their fame of the ’70s when they had all the hottest toy licenses.
Mego Meet 2019 was an amazing place to pick up hard-to-find collectibles or to
just browse nostalgiac items or to get the latest and best toy news!

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