AER – IKV Predator – 11/02/18 – Charity Walk, Nashville, TN

Members of the IKV Predator, the command ship of the Phoenix Rising Quadrant, invaded the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s charity walk, entitled Light the Night. This is an annual walk that is done all over the country to raise money for research and aid victims of blood cancers. The event is held at night while each participant carries a lantern that lights up with a particular color. The white lanterns are for supporters, the yellow lanterns are for the memory of a lost loved one, and the red lanterns are for blood cancer survivors. There were thousands of people in attendance. Huge corporate sponsors such as Burlington, Walgreens, and Pfizer also raised money and showed their support. It was a crisp, cool night, just perfect for a two-mile walk through downtown Nashville with the streets closed off to ensure safety. IKV Predator members in attendance were Quadrant Commander N’ayr sutai-K’cep, IXL Major Kavura vestai-K’cep, Lance Corporal V’elma, Chief Medical Officer Lt. V’icki tai-Greve, and Chief of Security Lt. G’aylen tai-Greve. In memory of Kavura’s brother, Billy, a life long Trekkie and former Marine, who would have been an excellent KAG warrior. Roj bertlham.


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