AER – 10/19/20 – XLV Predator – Fan Film “The Romulan War”

The Romulans have been an enemy of the Federation on Star Trek since the first season of the original series. They have appeared in some form on just about every Star Trek series. They have always been popular, but just a pointed ear away from being “very” popular, like, say, the Klingons. Even though they were used quite adequately on the new Picard series, they have never been fully developed as a race and culture, always leaving us wanting more. More stories, more drama, more action. In walks the XLV Predator warrior Corporal Antonius (Mark Naccarato) to give us more of what we want. Antonius has made “The Romulan War, Part 1”, the first of a fan film series that has been two years in the making. Part 1 was released October 19, 2020 to much hoopla on YouTube. In just nine days, it has reached over one hundred thousand views. We (Nayr, the CO of the XLV Predator and Kavura, the XO of the XLV Predator) are proud to have Antonius on our ship and proud to have been a part of his production.

The Predator is a ship of the Imperial Xeno Legion of KAG, having proudly proclaimed ourselves a Romulan ship last year. Nayr and Kavura portrayed Andorians in “The Romulan War”, again representing the Imperial Xeno Legion. Nayr was General Grank, the first ever bearded Andorian. Kavura was General Lethrel. Our day of filming was a rainy day in Nashville. We brought our own makeup and costumes. Antonius (writer, director, and producer) provided our antennae, which he made sure were consistent with Andorian antennae from Star Trek: Enterprise, as the film is set in the Enterprise era. The dressing room had a huge vanity mirror, perfect for us rising stars to primp and turn ourselves into the best of the blue-skins from outer space. The set was all ready with cameras, lights, and a green screen. There were cue cards made for us to read our lines. We filmed our parts separately. Both of us had to say our lines over and over to get them just right. No complaints. We wanted this film to be the best ever!

So now, over a year after our filming day, part one of the series has finally been released, and it did not disappoint. The film is a very high-quality production with visual effects to rival anything now seen on network or streaming television. It is apparent that great care was given to this film. We are proud to have been a part of it. Nayr and I interviewed Antonius on our podcast, StarPodTrek, last year before our film date. We knew then that this would be a must-see fan film. To Antonius and all of his production crew and cast, we salute you and wish you much success! Qapla!

-by the Honorable Kavura

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The Romulan War - Part 1

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