Thought Admiral’s Message

Thought Admiral Qob! epetai-Hurric

DaHjaj SuvwI”e’ jIH.
Today I am a warrior.

Welcome, warrior! You are here because your heart burns with the fierceness of a true Klingon warrior, and you wish to join the ranks of the KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP, the oldest and biggest club of its kind in the world! If you have not already done so, go here to take your first steps on the warrior’s path. Your local command officer will be in touch to help guide you on your journey.

tIqwIj Sa’angnIS.
I must show you my heart.

We want to see your warrior’s heart. We want to hear about your tales of glory, and I’m sure you will want to hear the tales of others. KAG has several means of communication at your disposal. To hear announcements from KAG Command and read of the exploits of its members, go here. Once you have joined our ranks, you can join the general discussion among KAG members here. We also have a presence on Facebook and a dedicated KAG forum. Of course, if you want to show us that you are a Klingon warrior not only on the inside but on the outside, you will want to put together a uniform; for that, go here.

‘Iw bIQtIqDaq jIjaH.
I travel the river of blood.

As a KAG warrior, you will face many battles. Our members attend conventions, march in parades, volunteer for charities, and throw parties. Wherever we go, we make our presence known!

tlhIngan maH!
We are Klingons!